Motoring Offences

We understand the significant effect that penalty points or the loss of your driving license can have on your professional and personal life.

Many people who face prosecution for a road traffic offence have never been involved in the legal system before, and can feel stressed or frustrated about what is going to happen. We can help if you are being prosecuted for motoring offences such as speeding, careless driving, dangerous driving, failing to report or stop after an accident and any drink or drug related driving offences.

We can also help if you are being prosecuted for penalty points disqualification which is known as “totting up” or if you wish to make an application to court to remove a driving disqualification.

If you are charged with a motoring offence, we will always look into the possibility of obtaining you Legal Aid to represent you in the case. Where Legal Aid is not available, we will advise you on the possibility of agreeing a fixed fee (including VAT at the current rate) for the preparation of your case and representation of that case at Court.

Motoring Offence Fees

Preparing a case and representing you at Court for up to half a day

Preparing a case and representing you at Court for a full day

These are the legal costs in preparing and presenting your case and do not include any additional items such as expert reports. The fee for these reports is not included in our fixed fee and the cost of these reports will be added to the preparation of your case. Of course, you will be advised before obtaining the report of the likely costs and you will then be able to decide if you wish to incur the additional expenses.

Traveling expenses to Courts other than the Derby Magistrates Court will be charged at a mileage rate of 45p per mile, plus any other items of expense such as parking costs etc.

In the unlikely event of your case being complicated and not suited to our fixed fees, you will be told immediately of this and provided with our estimate of the likely costs of your case.
We will provide you with the best possible advice and representation to ensure the best possible result is achieved. If you want to discuss your case then please contact us on 01332 680580 or fill out the information form on the left.