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If you have been arrested or the police want to interview you as a potential suspect it is essesntial that you are represented by a competent and experienced Solicitor. We provide a 24 hour service, all year round, to all clients requiring representation at the police station. This is funded by the Legal Services Commission and therefore the service is provided to you free of charge.

If you have been charged with a criminal offence and are being prosecuted in the Magistrates or Crown Court having immediate access to highly skilled and professional advisers is vital. We have an experienced and dedicated team of lawyers who will be able to advise, assist and represent you for the duration of any Court case. We will obtain funding for your case from the Legal Services Commision wherever possible.

We have access to, and will instruct, where necessary, expert barristers, forensic experts, medical specialists and other professionals to ensure that you have the best possible defence.

We are aware of the stress and worry that can arise from being involved in a criminal case and we offer a dediciated and professional service to meet your needs.

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